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The whole story started between the madness & chaos of making  sets; when a vehement small town North Indian ran across a quaint calm South Indian. Without stabbing each other, two strong headed and assiduous individuals teamed up together to create an artistic mess. The extraordinary coincidence of loving art brought them together to form Priya & Satya Designs.

How this all began you ask? We had a riot experimenting, creating, designing, taking risks, breaking rules, making designs, and ended up creating Priya & Satya Design Studio. A place where stories are created on sets. 

A short chubby workaholic,from Patna Bihar. A child that refused to grow. A common girl with not so common journey; from being an almost reluctant engineer to graduating from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi and  landing finally on the uneven bumpy roads of Bollywood.
From carrying a briefcase full of colors as a kid on a vacation to struggling with laptops, charts and software on sets, this girl never looked back.

Calm, composed, and  minimalist, from Udupi, Mangalore. An elegant, detailed individual with an engineering degree; holding onto reigns of her life  settled in Bollywood. From making carpets out of her mom's saree to studying Interior Designing from LS Raheja School of Interior Design she roved to Bollywood, stylizing & detailing every aspect of set.

The way opposite attracts, North teamed up with South with a mantra to CREATE and a vision to deliver something eccentric.Take a look at our distinctive and compelling work, and let us know if we can be of any help to you.

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